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Adding Website Call Conversions to a WordPress Site

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Google have this week released Website Call Conversions for AdWords which is great news for advertisers who measure inbound telephone calls as a key conversion. The new conversion allows website managers to measure calls made as a direct result of an AdWords campaign and works by switching the telephone number to a unique Google forwarding number when a visit comes directly from an active campaign. This should lead to much more focused ad targeting and allow advertisers to learn and optimise campaigns based on the results to drive more enquiries.

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World Cup Earnings App

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Compare your earnings to Neymar’s with our cool new calculator app. You can see how much he, yourself and a minimum wage Brazilian worker earns in real time. Then, take a look at your earnings since the start of the tournament and compare what you could have purchased in that time!

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Google my business update

Google My Business Is Here

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Good news if you are a local business; Google have made a big leap forward in helping small businesses and agencies make the most of Google local profiles with a new and exciting release this week. Google My Business is a centralised dashboard for managing local business profiles which is an evolution of the previous Google Places and Google Local tools.

Previously, verifying, optimising and managing a business’s local presence on Google could be cumbersome and confusing to small business owners and local marketers alike. For a few years now, there have been rumors of simplification and enhancement of the process but there seemed to be little traction and further complication with the introduction of G+. However, it remained an essential tool to maximise local presence which we’ve seen bring large rewards on regular occasions, in terms of local visibility and response,  and at Leadspring we couldn’t be happier about the new changes.

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5 High Profile SEO Penalties

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Over the years, Google updates have been targeting spammy sites in an attempt to clean up the search results and provide up to date and relevant results for users. Although suprising, it seems that even high profile brands have not been able to escape Google penalties and they too have suffered the consequences after using manipulative tactics.

Google dislike targeting big branded sites, as removing the site from branded search results and top performing keywords has resulted in user frustration and irrelevant search results. However, penalties are still given to these sites to provide a message that whoever you are, or what brand you represent, Google will not tolerate these types of link building methods.

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A quick fix for Penguin recovery that Google probably doesn’t want you to know about

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UPDATE: For the record, you may want to check the date of this post after reading 🙂

I’m sure many of you out there, who have been hit by Penguin at some point in the last 2 years,  are desperately looking for answers and a way to make some sort of recovery. We believe we have stumbled upon a loophole in Google’s algorithms that will guarantee an improvement in rankings and, because we’re kind, generous, big-hearted people, we’ve decided to be charitable and share our findings with you.

To say we stumbled upon this secret, as I modestly did in the first paragraph, is somewhat of an understatement. For the last 10 months, we have been testing hundreds of variables across a few of our client sites and some test sites also (all casualties of Penguin updates), in order to find any slight improvement in our rankings. We split our testing into three different categories; content, site structure and design.

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Giving your online business a head start with the right website

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shopping_trolley3As many of you will know, starting your own business is not a ride in the park. You are likely to have a hundred and one things to organise and lots of new skills to learn.

The success of your business may solely rely on your website, or your website may just be a place for your customers to read a bit about what you do and to find your contact details. Either way, it will need to be fit for purpose as well as accurately representing your company. Read More

3 Reasons Not to Ignore Your PPC Team

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We take a look at a handful of scenarios that you may have found yourself in with regards to your SEO strategy and show you how your friends in the PPC department may be able to assist you.



1. Keyword List Building

Trying to build out your client’s keyword list but running out of ideas? You’ve had a look at AdWords Keyword Planner and a number of other tools but are struggling to build upon what you’ve got.

It might be time to call in a favour from your PPC pals…

MR_PPCUsing AdWords, we are able to drill down from the traffic estimates that the Keyword Planner gives you, and instead take a look at search query reports that include data such as clicks , CTR (click through rate), conversions and revenue generated. This data is a lot more informative than traffic estimations as you have real, tangible statistics that prove how popular certain keywords are, enabling you to make better decisions on whether to include these keywords in your SEO strategy.

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How To Set Up Ecommerce Tracking For Your Site

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If you run an ecommerce website, it makes sense that you’ll want to see exactly how your business revenue is generated. Where are most customers coming from? How many of your visitors are buying? What kind of return are you getting from your campaigns? Transaction data is crucial for understanding the behaviour of visitors to a site and allowing for analysis of a business’s performance. The good news is that with a bit of setup you can get your hands on all of this invaluable data and we’re going to show you how.

As well as organic transactions, ecommerce tracking also provides an insight into conversions from Adwords campaigns, email marketing, social platforms and display banners on your site. Having an overview of all metrics in one place allows you to review the performance of each source and make crucial decisions about your business.

Ecommerce data can also reveal insights that you may not have noticed. For example, the source that usually generates the most visits for the site doesn’t necessarily always generate the highest revenue.

Source 3 (below) has received 203 visits and generated around £15,000 in revenue, whereas Source 4 has had 5,441 visits and only resulting in around £5,000 revenue. The data therefore, displays areas where you could be using your budget more wisely and highlights more valuable traffic sources for you to invest in.

Ecommerce data example

Ecommerce data example

So, how does it work?

Ecommerce tracking extracts data from the website server whilst the site is preparing a receipt page for a customer. This data is then sent to Google Analytics to report back.

The great thing about this tracking tool is that, whereas standard GA ‘goal tracking’ will only track a single conversion per visit (regardless of the amount of times one visitor has converted), Ecommerce tracking will record multiple transactions if the user makes more than one purchase in one single visit. Read More

Top 12 Chrome Extensions for SEO

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With Chrome being the most used browser today (around 55% of people use Chrome) and it being mine (and many other digital marketers) personal favourite, I thought I’d share my top, free Chrome extensions with the world. If I start using a new laptop, these are always my ‘go to’ extensions when I’m setting up.


So, let’s take a look at them…



If you’re like me, you regularly have an overload of open tabs with stuff you’re hoping to read. Pocket is a great extension that allows you to save all of the stuff you’re hoping to read in one convenient place. You can also tag articles to keep things well organised. The iPhone and Android apps make it easy to catch up with your reading on the bus, train or during those sleepless nights.

Eye Dropper


Ever seen a colour on a webpage but been unable to quickly determine exactly what colour it is? Problem solved with Eye Dropper.

Awesome Screenshot


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