Fully Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Leadspring have a wealth of email marketing experience and a range of skills that make us an ideal choice to fully manage your email marketing campaign. We help clients make the most of their email lists in order to increase click through rates and ultimately, revenue.

Professional Design and Branding

Our range of skills at Leadspring enable us create professional and effective email campaigns for your business. Whether it’s a tailored template or a bespoke design, our experienced team will get the most out of your email database. We can also convert existing designs to optimise and improve your current campaigns.

Fully Managed Campaigns

Our team can fully manage your email marketing strategy, from concept through data collection and design, to delivery and reporting.

Clean and Responsive Code

With the use of mobile greater than ever and continuously growing, it is now more important than ever to ensure that anything you do online can be read clearly on a mobile or tablet. We can produce responsive emails to present emails that will be easy to read and click through on other devices.

Increased Response and Revenue

Professional, optimised design and structure are vital to getting the most out of your email list. Getting this right can mean the difference between wasted emails that aren’t read and quality emails that drive increased traffic and conversions.