Is Roy Hodgson an Owl?

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is roy hodgson an owlWorld Cup Season is here which means football talk show hosts and presenters are giving us their opinion of who should be in the line-up, and how they expect England to perform in Brazil.

And although as a nation we are all concerned about the world cup,  we don’t think the experts are answering the questions that YOU really want to know.

According to Google Suggest, us Brits are much more concerned with finding out other essential details about members of the squad – like whether they are married or religious. Others of you just want to check if the players are alive – which we think you’ll agree is fairly essential if England has any chance of getting to the final.

So come on Gary Lineker– tell us what we really want to know about the England players instead of reeling off pointless stats about pass completion and distance covered!

is roy hodgson an owl?


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