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New WebsiteOK so here it is, the new Leadspring website – we hope you like it.  Here at Leadspring HQ we set ourselves the optimistic task of getting the new website live in 2 days.  Although most of the site was ready the remaining few tweaks took just under one week.

The reasons we have moved: We have outgrown our old website, simple.  That’s not to say it was no good, it’s just that over the last year or so we’ve grown into a full service agency and felt that our website needed to reflect this – thus prompting us to revamp our website. But have no fear, the old website theme is still in use by our Local customers (Our local offering can still be viewed at www.leadspringlocal.co.uk).   Also please note our site is still mobile responsive, meaning it’s fully enabled to be viewed on mobile and tablet devices.

OK, so introduction is out the way, here is what we did in 5 simple steps. I will leave out all the boring bits…

The Leadspring creative team got together in a room (I am the one on the right) to spitball some ideas for the new design, with ideas ranging from gamification to a live video feed on the homepage.
New Website Creative Team

After finalising what we were after, we set to work. The designer (Nicky) got to work on creating the images and icons we would use on the site.  Our web developer (Adam) got to work on getting the template ready and the rest of us set to work on preparing content to go on the site.  We also put together a very important list: Breakfast requirements for the next two days of development. (We had pain au chocolat, chocolate twists and fresh orange juice in case you were interested!)

When it came to actually getting our content, images and products onto the site we took a slightly different approach. We locked ourselves in a meeting room (luckily this one had a sofa) and worked solely on the Leadspring site over 2 days. It was a success and after our little stint we had some fantastic sections complete.  If you look closely in the picture below you can see our workshop.  We had the live site on the big screen which gave us some motivation when we dipped into caffeine and food luls.
New Website Build
SNEAK PEAK! Take a look at this, our latest part of the new site, an interactive meet the team page. We thought our customers would prefer it if we showed a little of our creative genius, rather than the standard still images.

The Team

The final migration… we moved the site from our test and development domain and placed it on our shiny new domain. www.leadspring.com

The Extras
These include, some fancy photography of the team members that work at Leadspring as well as some shots of our newly refurbished offices.
Here are a few: We took photographs of our team members….

Team Members

…and our newly refurbished offices…

Refurbished Office

To sum up, after a lot of hard work, tears (mainly from Adam our developer) and a lot of laughs the new Leadspring site is complete. Smiley emoticon.


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