One of the UK’s fastest growing Independent Van Retailers
who provide the widest choice of new vans for sale or lease in
the UK. – they provide options for outright buying or finance.
The Van Discount Company also offer specialist vans such as
fridge/freezer vans and van insurance.

The Goals
Increase traffic to the site
Improve rankings for target keywords
Build more authoritative and relevant links to the site
Increase brand awareness via social campaigns
The Strategy
Onsite improvements through technical audit
Strategic link building to high authority and relevant industry websites
Produced creative content such as infographics and web apps such as the ‘Vans Vs Vans’ competition

The Results

Increase in Organic Visits
Increase in Online Quotes
Increase in Total Visits
Increase in Facebook and Twitter Following Over 6 Week Period

"As a company we rely heavily on Google and other internet search engines for our customers as we are an internet based sales business. We have employed the services of many different SEO companies in the past with varying levels of limited success. We were hit drastically by the Google updates in April 2012 and saw organic visits to our website drop off to almost nothing overnight and we survived on Google Adwords and returning customers alone. For the next 7 months we had no success in SEO rankings and so employed the services of Leadspring. They didn’t promise immediate success but offered to work on our SEO to gradually improve our visibility for the correct keywords and insisted on doing this organically and naturally so that it was sustainable. We have been with them now for 13 months and are already reaching our previous levels of visitors but what we have noticed are that these visitors are actually potential customer who are genuinely interested in our product.
Leadspring are constantly in contact with updates of our progress and with new ideas to help improve our presence on the Internet search engines and improve our interaction with potential customers on social media.
We are at the moment considering our budget options to possibly include increasing the level of work that Leadspring provide us by 50%. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

− Paul Redman