Beautifully Engineered Search Marketing Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Leadspring, we focus on delivering sustainable SEO campaigns to deliver our clients long term results. We use ethical tactics through a combination of onsite technical expertise and creative offsite campaigns. Our team have a wealth of experience and have been there and done it, so we know how to deliver results.

Technical Audit and Digital Marketing Strategy

During the first month of your campaign, the team at Leadspring will carry out a full technical audit of your site to ensure it will be well optimised to compliment the ongoing search campaign strategy. A digital marketing strategy will also be planned and documented as a basis for the ongoing work we will be carrying out.

Ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign

As well as supporting your team with the necessary changes and updates to your site, we will also begin work on the ongoing campaign. We aim to be the digital marketing arm of your company and are happy to work in conjunction with your existing marketing activity, as well as implementing our own creative campaigns aimed at increasing links, referrals, brand exposure and converting traffic.

Content and Link Building Strategy

At Leadspring we realise that amongst the key elements of a strong campaign is a great content and link building strategy. Google and other search engines are continuously clamping down on the world of spam and many sites have suffered in the last couple of years because of this. Link building is no longer a simple case of directory submissions, social bookmarking and forum commenting etc. For a link building campaign to be successful, it is essential to engage with the right people, create great, shareable content and market this in the right ways.

Reporting and Communication

At Leadspring, we pride ourselves on being transparent and ensuring that you are always aware of what’s happening during the campaign and how it’s performing. We are extremely flexible when it comes to both reporting and communication and will agree a level of communication that suits you. Our reports are also tailored to provide information that’s important to you.

Our SEO services include:

Keyword research/analysis
Full site audit and recommendations
Content audit
Backlink profile/analysis
Innovative opportunities
Content and link building strategy
Penalty removal
Analytics audit and optimisation
SEO copywriting
Competitor analysis
International SEO
Mobile SEO
Local SEO

The WWW Link Building Approach

At Leadspring we take a methodical and strategic approach in everything we do. When it comes to content marketing and link building, we select a number of target groups and methods based on the elements below:


Who are the people/groups we want to target. Who are their audiences and who do they engage with? Who are the competitors?


What type of content would be of interest to these people/groups?… Articles, guides, tools, apps, offers, ebooks, podcasts? What would encourage them to link, share or discuss?


Which marketing method is the best approach for these campaign ideas? How will we reach the right people?