Forward Thinking Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has changed the way consumers interact with each other and businesses/brands. It is now more important than ever to have a social media presence and a solid strategy in place. Not doing this leaves you open to negative feedback due to lack of service, as well as missing out on huge opportunities for increased traffic, brand awareness, leads and sales.

Identifying Appropriate Channels

Before investing time and effort in every social media channel out there, it’s important to identify which channels and communities will work best for your brand.


Leadspring’s creative team product innovative and shareable content to encourage engagement, making the most of your current following as well as expanding on that following and branching out to new audiences.


Rather than just concentrating on what’s going on in your own social presence, it’s also important to monitor and listen to other users who may be relevant to your brand and then reacting. We use a range of tools to constantly monitor things such as brand mentions, keyword mentions, competitor mentions and activity etc.

Building Relationships

As with our SEO campaigns, it’s important to build relationships with key influencers who can make the difference between a good social media campaign and a great one.