Top 12 Chrome Extensions for SEO

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With Chrome being the most used browser today (around 55% of people use Chrome) and it being mine (and many other digital marketers) personal favourite, I thought I’d share my top, free Chrome extensions with the world. If I start using a new laptop, these are always my ‘go to’ extensions when I’m setting up.


So, let’s take a look at them…



If you’re like me, you regularly have an overload of open tabs with stuff you’re hoping to read. Pocket is a great extension that allows you to save all of the stuff you’re hoping to read in one convenient place. You can also tag articles to keep things well organised. The iPhone and Android apps make it easy to catch up with your reading on the bus, train or during those sleepless nights.

Eye Dropper


Ever seen a colour on a webpage but been unable to quickly determine exactly what colour it is? Problem solved with Eye Dropper.

Awesome Screenshot


I love this extension. Awesome Screenshot is great for taking quick snapshots of a webpage. You can then easily annotate with boxes, circles and arrows etc before cropping and blurring sensitive information and then saving or copying the final image. Great for audits and reports or, to just highlight a quick issue to someone.



SEO for Chrome


Although I don’t find this as useful as I used to, it’s still sometimes good for a quick view of things, such as backlinks and pages indexed. It also has a handy nofollow tick box to highlight nofollow links on the page.

SEO Site Tools


This extension is useful for a quick snapshot of the quality and status of a page. It shows a variety of info such as canonical URL, meta data, links on page, whois info and much more.



I always turn off the serp overlay as I find it quite annoying but apart from that, the Moz extension is another good extension for quick insights, especially if you want to get a quick idea of quality using metrics such as Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Web Developer


I find Web Developer really useful for technical and content audits. From disabling JavaScript and images to amending layouts, you’ll find you can do a huge amount with this tool.

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome


Great for switching between user-agent strings. You can also add additional parameters to this extension, making it very useful when used in conjunction with Web Developer to see how search engines view your webpages.

Check My Links


With Check My Links, you can quickly scan a page for broken links. As well as being great for checking the quality of your own pages, this useful tool is also great for broken link building. For those who haven’t heard of broken link building, the brief description is finding relevant, but broken links on authoritative webpages and asking for the broken link to be replaced with one to your site.

Redirect Path


When visiting a URL, this tool is great for checking the status code. This can be really handy for picking up on 302 redirects or multiple 301s etc.



I’ve just started using this recently and I love it. I’ve tried a lot of ‘to do list’ apps in the past and some are ok, some are just bad. This one is great. I think it just structures things so much better and has all of the features you need in a tool like this. I use Todoist on my phone and within Chrome, so it’s within easy reach wherever I am.



I always seem to have about 50 tabs open and I know I’m not the only one. Sometimes this can become a bit of an unmanageable mess so here is OneTab to the rescue. OneTab moves all of your tabs into one tab in a list format. You can then open them later all at once or open them one by one with just a click.

Bonus Extension:

QuizCards: Spanish


I’ve been trying to learn Spanish for a while and the biggest issue I find with learning a language is trying to find the time to practice. This extension is useful for just a quick burst of learning/testing with popup flash cards to refresh your vocab.


So those are my favourites. I know there is probably a heap of useful extensions out there that I’m not aware of. What do you have in your browser?

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