Using Backtick for Quickfire SEO Checks

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At the time of writing, Swedish developer Joel Besada has only just released this new Chrome Extension:, but we’re already pretty sure it’ll become part of our daily workflow here at Leadspring. As SEOs we’re constantly using a myriad of tools and tricks to check out and audit sites and one of the quickest ways is using bookmarklets. These are Javascript shortcuts that can be dragged into your bookmarks bar to trigger all sorts of actions and checks.


Backtick takes this a step further – to put it simply, it’s like bookmarklets on steroids. Once you’ve installed the extension, simply hit a chosen shortcut key (the default is the backtick: ` ) and start typing something related to the desired command. For example, hit `, start typing ‘Facebook’ and hit enter, and you can share the URL of the page you’re on right away.

Custom commands can be built using Github Gists, so we’ve already started to put together a few SEO-related ones. To add these, simply bring up the Backtick box, then click on the icon to take you to the settings page. You just have to submit the Gist ID to add your new command. We’ll add to the below list, but here’s what we’ve got so far:

backtick seo commands


Click on the above table to open a Google Doc – you can copy the Gist IDs from there 🙂

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