Video - A Powerful Tool for Businesses of all Sizes

Video Production

Video is a growing platform where businesses can put themselves in front the people they want to speak to the most, whether they are in the office, at home, or on the move. If you’re new to online video, you might be thinking – where do I start? Do we have the time and budget to make it happen? Take a look at some of the options available to you below and get in touch for more details.

Business Profile Videos

Bring your company, products and services to life with a bespoke video, ideal for promoting yourself online and ready made for continually attracting new customers via your social media presences. We work to a high standard throughout the entire production process, with clear communication before, during and after filming, resulting in the perfect finished article. A business profile video provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism, engaging potential customers who may already be looking for you and leaving a lasting impression. Video is versatile and delivers long term shelf life and value. It can be used on your company website, YouTube, social media profiles, or as part of your email campaigns. We can even bring your video into the offline world as we can supply physical copies for use at events and exhibitions.


Whether it’s a single video overview of the event, or a multiple video package that highlights expert speakers and exhibitor testimonials, online video is the perfect medium for capturing your industry event. Our high production standards and clear communication throughout planning and filming leaves you with a valuable, lasting record of your event. Our bespoke event coverage is versatile, as it can be used on your company website or blog, YouTube channel and as part of your post-event email campaigns. Video also makes for highly engaging, repeatedly used content on your social media presences, and will deliver long-term value when it comes to promoting your company and its future events to attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Explainers (Animated typography)

With more people heading online to research companies, products and services before making purchasing decisions, particularly on mobile and social media, our bespoke ‘explainer’ video package is the perfect way to attract new customers. Our use of animated text and voiceovers quickly grabs and holds attention, clearly identifying common problems, and explaining to newcomers how your company offers the solution. This is ideal if the nature of your company or industry is not immediately obvious, or if your work is difficult to describe concisely. Our videos are produced to a high standard, prolonging its shelf life, and offers versatility and value through repeat use online – for example on your company website, blog or social media presences. The engaging visuals also work well offline too, and we can supply physical copies for use at events, exhibitions or at company premises.